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The best way to talk about ourselves is by letting our clients speak for us. Take a look at what people are saying about Rachel and Rein with Grace.


Our daughter, who is 7 years old, has been receiving lessons for a year and a half. She has gained knowledge and an understanding of riding, the safety of, and how to care for a horse that truly feeds her love and curiosity. She has also become a member of the show team and to see our daughter, who is very shy, come out of her shell and look confident in an arena doing what she loves really pulls my heart strings and makes this mama so proud! This experience has opened up a whole new world for her. When she expressed she wants to be just like Rachel when she grows up —that is when I knew we picked the absolute perfect person to be a mentor, role model and instructor for our daughter!     - Jessica

Rein With Grace Horsemanship is headed by the best horseback riding instructor in my area of Oklahoma.  Not only does Rachel Anderson excel at what she loves to do (train riders), but she is a wonderful wife, mother, sister, and friend who truly looks out for her students well-being (on and off the horse).  Ms. Rachel makes the work fun and safe for her students of all ages; helping them grow in strength and goodness.  -Valerie Volpe (age 15), student for 4 years

Rachel Anderson’s commitment to her students is outstanding in the arena of riding instructors.  We were so fortunate to have met her before my daughter’s first instructor moved out of state.  It was a given that Rachel would be the kind, yet firm guidance both my daughter and her horse would need in order to progress through their “teenage” years.  They have both flourished under Rachel’s tutelage and I have become a practiced horse trailer hauler!  We highly recommend her to all our friends.  - Joelle Volpe, owner/instructor of Lord of the Dance, LLC & PE4Me, LLC homeschool PE class

I felt like I knew a good bit of information when it came to working with horses, [but when] Rachel started having me help her with a few horses... she opened my view to this whole world of equine information that I had no clue existed!


I worked with her for a while and learned a good bit of information while I was there. Then as some time went on it was time for me to move more towards your typical career type position in the workforce. At the time I had no horse of my own. A couple years later when I was ready to look for a horse I remembered how much she had taught me and the time she took to invest in my knowledge out of her own time as well as how well she was able to take a horse that was deemed a “problem” horse and turn their life around.


So I found her number, called her up asking to help me look for a horse. Well she did and she did an amazing job at matching me up with a partner. At that point I started taking lessons with her to further my knowledge because I just wanted to learn more and more and I could never get enough of what she had to teach me.


I also loved the fact that if she didn’t have an answer right away for me, she knew exactly who or where to go to find it. I also admired the fact that she knew so much but continued to branch out learning more on different equine sports or areas she wasn’t very familiar with and how she would make it a mission to push herself out of her comfort zone. Rachel quickly began to be someone I looked up to and admired a lot.  


So I ended being one of those people who went out on a whim and buying a gelding I had rode on a vacation for 4 days that I absolutely fell in love with and just could not live without. Well this special gelding of mine was 7 years old, born and raised on the ranch I bought him at, never left the place for even 30 seconds and I really didn’t know much about him when I dropped everything to purchase this horse.


To say the least he was a very nervous, insecure, crazy eyed psycho that over reacted at everything. He turned into a challenge, with where my knowledge was at the time, was probably more than I should have took on. Rachel was there for every step of the process from then to now for 3 years straight this past October, she never gave up on me or him, she never acted like oh my gosh Brittany what have you got yourself into, she was just “ok let’s start here with him and build from there while you work on this for yourself”.


He is now a very quiet, gentle, soft eyed, thinking machine that I have started dabbling a little riding with no saddle or bridle on (never in a million years when I got him did I ever think I would feel ok to climb on this horse with nothing on him).


I honestly owe this though to Rachel Anderson and all the countless hours she was there to teach me how to help him, to help myself grow as a rider, and the world she opened up to me with amazing people and tools to better myself as a horse rider.


I am now also a certified Instructor that dabbles a little here and there on the side to help others because she didn’t just teach me how to sit on a horse and push go. She taught me how to better myself and step into the horse’s world. I may not have a grand champion in any sport or a be world trainer (yet) but if there is one person in this world that I am the most thankful God put into my life, it would be this lady here. I would not be the horsewoman I am today without her, I would not be where I am today as well in skills and knowledge if I had not met her.


I have worked with a lot of trainers, riders, cowboys, and the in between type people in my life. She is the best I have had the privilege to have work with me and continue to work with me for a life in the equine world. She encourages, pushes when you need it, brings you down when you had a terrible ride and can’t understand why your right hip will not go in front of your left hip and it’s just been an emotional day LOL!! To me she goes beyond just a horse instructor with the time and care she has invested in me and that I also see her invest in others. She brags about her other students to me all the time and you can tell she really truly loves every single lesson kid, teenager, adult and senior under her instruction.

Thank you Rachel Anderson for being such a true inspiring, caring, amazing human being that has made my life as well as the 4 legged children’s lives sooooo much better!!!! - Brittany

I have been working with Rachel Anderson, Rein with Grace Horsemanship, weekly for almost 2 years.  I purchased my horse, Chaser, as sort of a midlife crises when my daughter became independent and no longer needed mommy. I was a stay at home Mom for 17 years and had no clue what to do with my spare time so I decided to buy a horse.  The first 7 months of being a new horse owner to say the least was an emotional roller coaster then I met and started working with Rachel.


Rachel has been truly a blessing to Chaser and I both.  The thing I love about working with Rachel is it’s not all about riding it’s also about horsemanship in and out of the arena she has helped me work through wash rack issues, trailer loading, ground work, health issues and just about every aspect of being a good horse owner.


Her teaching methods are incredible she is kind always encouraging and understanding, she really takes the time to personally get to know you as a person and your horses’ personality to create a training program that fits your needs together as horse and rider.  Rachel teaches each lesson with pride, compassion and a true understanding of the relationship between my horse and I.

Chaser’s demeanor has changed so much for the better since working with Rachel I believe he looks forward to our lessons just as much as I do each week. Rachel has also coached me at several events and thanks to her positive approach we have enjoyed and achieved great things together. Chaser and I have come a long way since working with Rachel but most importantly she has taught me to be a better horse owner and rider for that we are forever grateful. - Beverly Koffman

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