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If you own your own horse, it's important to know about horse behavior, care, and protection. As a certified instructor, Rachel knows all there is to know when it comes to keeping your favorite investment in top shape. Take a look at her training services below and call her when you're ready to buy and take care of your next horse.


Trailer loading lessons can be beneficial for every horse and owner. You can always improve a horses ‘draw’ to the trailer with practice and by improving your timing of pressure and release of pressure. Are you loading your horse as safe as possible? Does your horse stand quietly in the trailer? Does your horse rush out upon opening the trailer door? Do you feel like loading your horse is a battle? If so a trailer loading lesson or clinic might be what you are looking for to help get you and your horse off on the right foot.


Colt starting simply means preschool for horse. Is your horse ready for an education and to begin his career? Starting a horse off slow and correct will set your horse up for success regardless of the discipline you want to pursue. Colt starting is everything from lunging for respect, partnership, ground driving, first saddling, biting up, desensitizing to the first 90 rides. Want to be involved in the process but don’t know where to begin? Working with a trainer can be the safest way to begin the process of giving your horse a solid education.


Groundwork is the foundation of any training program. Your relationship with your horse is started on the ground. How your horse treats you on the ground is exactly how he will treat you undersaddle. Most problems can be fixed on the ground. Good groundwork paves the way for a healthy relationship between horse and rider. Is your horse anxious, pushy, impatient, jumpy, lazy, fearful, insecure or unsure? Lunging for respect, partnership on the ground, liberty and showmanship would really improve these issues and help take your relationship to the next level. Do you have a horse that needs some rehab work? Ground driving can be just the thing you are looking for. Groundwork is so much more than lunging a horse in a circle. Developing a healthy safe relationship with leadership, respect and trust begins on the ground.


Planning to go out of town, but worried about your horse not getting enough exercise or attention while your gone? Hiring Rachel to check in on your horse, groom and exercise may put your mind at ease. Does your horse need a refresher after coming off a long break from being ridden? Feeling hesitant about that first exercise after a break? Call for trainer to assist with those first few sessions until you get your confidence back. Does your horse have more training then you do and you don’t want him to lose the more advance training? Tune ups are great option for the more experienced horse to practice the some of those maneuvers and help keep his mind fresh and willing. 

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